"The Time Is Now"

One on One Coaching Program

Client Testimonials

"When I started my journey with Jessica through the One on One Coaching Program, I had no idea what was in store for me. I knew that I had a big vision and many goals but I felt stuck. During our sessions we dug deep and pulled up the roots of fear and self-imposed limitations. I am watching my vision unfold and having the support throughout this process has been priceless. Her passion for helping others discover and walk in their purpose is deep and sincere. It has motivated and inspired me to greater heights. She is an excellent coach that I recommend to anyone who's serious about getting to the next level in their life. She will take you there."

~ Leonie Morency -  LM Global Cross Ministry

"Investing in "The Time is Now" one on one coaching program was JUST what I needed to move forward. I felt stuck with depression, uncertainty and just felt unmotivated. I always knew that I had a purpose. But somewhere along the journey of life, that vision became foggy. Jessica has a warm and sincere approach; however, you understand that she means business. She fully invested herself into our sessions. And my assignments were always so personalized and detailed. Throughout our time together I learned how to embrace my authentic self and see myself as God sees me. Of course, this is a process, but I am well on my way to making this my new lifestyle.  I am thankful that I had this opportunity to partner with her because it has changed my life. If you're unmotivated and feeling stuck, I highly recommend that you partner with Jessica. I will be partnering with her again."

~ Andrea Dotson

"Wow! Looking back from where I started when I started the coaching program, I can say "I've come a long way baby!" We covered so much in a short time. And God really used Jessica to change my perspective about my past and my circumstances.  It makes me want to keep going and keep growing. Jessica had a very sensitive and loving yet firm approach in helping me reach my goals. I was held accountable and knew that I needed to be fully engaged in this process. She is definitely wise beyond her years. I would strongly suggest to anyone who's stuck in their life in any way to connect with her. Jessica takes thorough inventory of all aspects of your life and comes up with a God inspired plan of action to help you move forward. Thank you Jessica, you helped me to see clearer the vision God gave me for my life. I am so excited about my future and can't wait to continue working with you."

~ Jo Ann Kelly


"Coaching with Jessica Janniere was an amazing experience. This experience really exceeded my expectations. I can say with confidence that Jessica is the best coach. If you choose her you won't regret it. I felt so comfortable talking to her. She is the most loving, compassionate, genuine, trust worthy, woman of God you'll ever meet. Most importantly, I heard from God & it was fascinating! I feel so blessed! I highly recommend Jessica for anyone all over, across the world!"  

~Jennifer Jacques