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Based on a true story of tragedy turned into triumph. A memoir that shares how a young girl finds her way through the valley of despair back to wholeness and freedom. Jessica uses her voice, her personal experiences and her heart to inspire thousands of people from all works of life. This book will take you on her journey.

I am always asked to read books about people’s lives, challenges and how they overcame. Usually, they take the style of victim to victor and “poof” like magic, all gone! Not this book. Jessica gives a realistic view of her challenges growing up, takes ownership of her feelings and shares her success. She even gives you a personal development lesson along the way. I love that she tells us to own what happened, to forgive and how to move on. I would recommend this book to everyone, from all walks of life.
— Richard Pacheco
Wow! This book is stunning. This memoir has as many twists and can’t imagine anyone living to tell this tale. In “My Colored World: A Memoir” Mrs. Janniere puts forth her heart-wrenching story in calm, rational prose. It is a story that told a story that needed to be told. Her life is a wonderful testament ... #lookupandbeyond
— B. McLean
Once one picks up this book, he or she will have a hard time putting it down. This is one of the best books I have ever read!
— Andre Waldron
Your memoir took us on an intense journey that we all can say had an impact on how we view our lives and the lives of others. Not everyone could be so transparent. May God bless you for sharing your story and through His grace, may many lives be transformed after reading My Colored World.
— Just Sisters Book Club
This book was a worthy read and I found it to be very honest If the truth in this book doesn’t hit home personally then you may know someone who it has. I’m certain that everyone who reads this book will walk away with something.
— Anonymous